Time Travel

Imagine record shopping with the use of a time machine. Just think what it’d be like to walk into a record warehouse that had been frozen in time – where there were tens of thousands of LPs, all pressed before 1982 and almost all sealed. What wouldn’t you give to go back and buy all those albums you were foolish to pass on when you originally had the chance, back when you couldn’t envision them as one day becoming rare and collectible. Well, we don’t exactly have a working Flux Capacitor, but we can take you back in time all the same.We literally walked into a Kansas City warehouse full of sealed records that hadn’t been touched in 25 years! An absolutely MASSIVE collection – the true warehouse find of every collector’s dream.We’re talking 30,000 LPs! Pallets upon pallets of LPs! How many pallets? Try one-and-a-half semi tractor trailers worth! Try 60,000 pounds worth! Three full-time employees have worked for more than three months unpacking and shelving these records – and they’re still not done! Our 18,000-square-foot warehouse is bursting at the seams.We’ve built new floor-to-ceiling shelves to accommodate these records. In fact, this collection has us thinking in terms of a warehouse expansion. Talk about the BIG ONE!!

In our 23 years of business, we’ve never come across a collection of this many sealed pre-owned LPs. This collection comes from the estate of a man who passed away in 1981. That means that all of these LPs - every single one of them - is pre-1982, pre-barcode. The bottom line is that these records shouldn’t be available sealed in 2007 - not so many of them. And yet they are.

Posted by Acoustic Sounds on 11/28/2007 at 10:13 AM | Categories: General