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Doug Sax Takes Us To The Dark Side

Doug Sax, the lead mastering engineer for the Dark Side Of The Moon LP and SACD reissues, granted Acoustic Sounds an exclusive interview. The following are the only published Sax comments to date about this monumental project. We thank Doug sincerely for his generosity in taking time for this interview.

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Kansas City Bluesman Little Hatch Dead at 81

"Harp players are a dying breed." So once said a man who knew.

Little Hatch likely was the best harp player ever to make Kansas City home. He died Tuesday night, 81 years old, and with Hatch went Blues as thick and dirty as the smoke-filled air in the bars he ruled.

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EMI and Doug Sax Choose AcousTech for Dark Side LP

One of the largest labels could have gone anywhere to remaster one of the world's most important records…They went to AcousTech Mastering. EMI hired Doug Sax to handle perhaps the most historic master tapes in pop music. Sax, long-renowned as a mastering guru, set out to produce his masterpiece on LP. And so he brought his MCI JH-110 transport with custom heads and tube electronics to Camarillo, California, where Kevin Gray had assembled the best-sounding mastering and cutting room that Sax knew of — AcousTech.

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An On-The-Scene Account by Kevin Gray

Kevin takes us inside AcousTech Mastering and shares some of the details that comprised the recent Dark Side Of The Moon LP mastering and cutting session. Most of this information originally appeared on mastering engineer Steve Hoffman's web site, Here is the info., observations and corrections regarding the pressing info. (pun intended) on the upcoming Pink Floyd vinyl release.

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Steve Hoffman and Richard Foster review the Dark Side

I know you've been waiting for my review of this album. Here it is, short and sweet:

Don at RTI kindly furnished me with an LP test pressing of the long anticipated Dark Side Of The Moon, mastered by Doug Sax and Kevin Gray at AcousTech Mastering out at RTI in Camarillo, Ca.

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