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Indie Vinyl

You've surely noticed that much of the New Arrivals content on the Acoustic Sounds website involves vinyl from independent labels - some of the artists obscure, some on the verge of stardom, some the back catalog titles of groups who've since "made it" with major labels. As the vinyl wave continues its crest, nearly every contemporary artist wants their music on LP. We wade through the garbage - and there's plenty of that - to offer you what's worth the space on your platter, aiming for great music preferably very well recorded. And the man behind those selections is John Kass - our Indie Vinyl resident expert. John now has a voice with He's already begun to offer his recommendations, descriptions and warnings. The independent vinyl market is a tough one to track - a constant flow of never-before-heard names. John tells you what he thinks is good and what he thinks sucks. So why not take a look? Post some comments and get a discussion kicked off. Believe us: Plenty of this music is worth owning. Now you may be able to buy with a little more security.

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