Super HiRez presents live blues in DSD stereo and multichannel!

Individual sets from the first live Blues concert recorded direct-to-Direct Stream Digital (DSD) are available on Acoustic Sounds’ SuperHiRez service in stereo, and for the first time in multichannel. It’s another milestone from Acoustic Sounds/Super HiRez — the first in the digital audio space to provide music lovers and audiophiles files in DSD, as well as other hi-res PCM formats.


These hi-res files of individual sets capture all the power, passion and precision from the top live performances at the 17th annual Blues Masters at the Crossroads concerts last fall in a 91-year-old Gothic church in downtown Salina, Kan. (Also known as Blue Heaven Studios.)

The recordings were handled by Gus Skinas, digital audio expert and president of the Super Audio Center in Boulder, Colo., engineer Katsuhiko Naito, and assistant recording engineer Travis Scanlan. Chad Kassem, founder of Acoustic Sounds, oversaw the operation.

Performances by such stellar bluesmen as “Mighty” Sam McClain, Marquise Knox, Joe Beard, Sonny Green, Lazy Lester, Rip Lee Pryor, as well as Moreland & Arburckle and Big George Brock are all featured in individual and group sets in glorious DSD.

Stereo sets are available for $9.95 each (for six for $49.98); multi-channel sets are available for $14.95 each or ($74.98 for six sets.)

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