Speakers Corner Scores The Mercury Living Presence

The first release in this monumental series comprises a three-LP box with music of the 20th Century. The three original releases are excellent recordings and are rarely found in second-hand shops. Consequently, they are extremely expensive.

The Living Presence of the 20th-Century Music (3 LP Set)

Alban Berg: Suites from Wozzeck and Lulu/Dorati/London Symphony Orchestra These suites are among a number of "symphonically condensed" operas that found their way into music history long before they were heard in the opera house...[more]
Gunther Schuller: Seven Studies on Themes of Paul Klee - Paul Fetler: Contrasts for Orchestra/Dorati/Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra

Whether "fall of man" or "peccadillo": that colors and forms in painting can inspire a musical masterpiece is an undisputed fact ever since Mussorgsky composed his extremely popular...[more]

Arnold Schoenberg, Anton Webern, Alban Berg: Vienna 1908-1914/Dorati/London Symphony Orchestra Schoenberg, Berg, Webern — the names of the teacher and his two pupils — stand for a revolution in music at the beginning of the 20th Century...[more]

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"Well, times have changed and are now on the threshold of what I consider one of the most exciting events ever to be offered to the reissue market. And if what I've heard contained in the first three releases is any indication of what the folks at Speakers Corner have in store for us, I can assure you that you better get your credit cards ready." - Richard Foster, Co Site Administrator of Phonogram

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