Peer Pub Awards SuperHiRez, Analogue Productions

Customer loyalty is its own reward here at Acoustic Sounds and Super HiRez, but we're estatic to share with our fans a sweet bit of peer recognition!

Acoustic Sounds/Super and its founder, Chad Kassem, are proud to be recognized by Positive Feedback Online with the publication's Special Achievement Award for 2013. The award is for the launch of the Super HiRez site featuring DSD and PCM downloads of major label album content.

In addition, PFO has awarded a Brutus Award for 2013 to Analogue Productions for our reissue label SACDs and 200 gram LPs produced this year.

Each honor is awarded to encourage further excellence in fine audio, to the greater good of all who enjoy and appreciate the experience. This recognition of superior merit in the audio arts was established in 2003 by PFO Editor-in-Chief David W. Robinson and Dave Clark, editor, as the equivalent of an "Editors' Choice" award.

Since the launch of Super HiRez in late August, our industry-leading download site has received a ton of positive press, both in trade publications such as PFO, Stereophile and AudioStream, as well as in major mainstream publications such as USA TODAY. Our catalog of downloadable high-resolution titles now numbers more than 450 albums, exceeding our original goal of 400 albums by year's end.

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