Blue Heaven Studios equipped for DVD

DVD vs. DSD... we don’t pass judgment in Heaven

It's the biggest debate in audio news. Everyone is torn between the formats, DVD or DSD, and the arguments are sound.

"At Blue Heaven, we are not for or against DVD or DSD. In fact, both formats sound much better than conventional compact disc," says Chad Kassem, owner. "Our choice to utilize DVD has nothing to do with comparing the sound qualities. It's based on the fact that video is not available on DSD, so choosing between the formats is not an issue. We are documenting history and believe it is necessary to film the event in addition to capturing the music in the highest quality sound possible."

For example, hearing the legendary David "Honeyboy" Edwards is pure joy. But to also observe his personality, to see him interact with musicians and engineers during his actual recording sessions is a privilege and of infinite historical value.

As recording formats move to another level of excellence, BHS is committed to staying on the cutting edge. The studio is equipped with the necessary equipment (cameras, lights, etc.) to produce recordings for DVD format. Finally, for the first time, music-lovers can see their recording being made, and hear it in the new 24/96 audio format.

These recordings are not to be confused with the overly produced or polished videos where audio works around video. Instead, this is raw footage capturing what it's like to be in the studio during the recording session. On our DVDs, video works around audio, no lip-syncing or visual tricks. This is the real thing. The music-lover can finally see and hear what only producers and engineers have been privileged to see. With greater clarity, subtleties and detail.

Analogue Productions Originals (APO) is very excited about the opportunity to utilize the technology available at BHS as we work to document the remaining blues legends.

And as for DSD, it's not out yet, and if and when it is available, Acoustic Sounds will carry both.

Posted by Acoustic Sounds on 07/01/1999 at 4:08 PM | Categories: General